Tally Display System

  • TALLY Controller
    RS 232 port connect to PC
    RJ-45 port connect to Ethernet
    Free software Provided
    A Control System for your Broadcast application


• The MLC-1100 is the Controller of RC-2000/R-2100 and RC-2200 Displays.
• Control Standby/On-Air on each Display Unit.
• Contain 3 (25 pin, female) TALLY IN ports ( link to user’s GPIO) .
• 2 RS232 ports (connect to PC).
• 36 RJ-45 ports (connect to Ethernet ).
• Possibly connects up to 72 Display Units by 2 linked controllers (MLC-1100).
• Tally manager editing Program by a standard PC running Windows XP & Win 7.
• Supporting powerful software and hardware.
• Editing any kind of figures through the control.
• Internal Power supply DC 12V@4A.
• Dimensions: 480×143×44mm (1U).

Tally Display System

  • The Tally Display System is an ideal using in broadcast environment & TV Studio.
    It can be configured to signal routing and check signal arrived.
    When configure the tally system, use your system to identifying the equipment
    you wish to monitor and the signal interconnections between the equipment.
    Add remote displays to the tally system and select the type of information you
    wish to appear in per display.

MLC-1100 Tally Controller

How to configue the MLC-1100 ?

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