RC-2200 Under Monitor Display (UMD)

  • LED Pixels 16 x 64
    Rack mount 2U height
    Clear, Bright LED Indicator
    RJ-45 port link to MLC-1100
    Easily edit or create all pixels


• Rack mount 2U Height.
• Every languages and symbols which are supported by the windows system.
• Provides great 16x16 Dot Matrix Module.
• Shows 4 Chinese or 8 English versions.
• Two colors LED display (Green and Red).
• Convenient and rapid revising of display font with tally manager Program.
• Using RJ-45 port link to the controller
• An external power source ( DC 12V@2A).
• Dimensions: 480×143×44mm (2U).

RC-2200 Under Monitor Display (UMD)

  • RC-2200 Under Monitor Display is a group of Righton TALLY System. The display module consists of green and red LEDs with 16 x 64 pixels.
    Righton TALLY System includes 5 models for your Production Studio, Master Control Room and every application.
  • > MLC-1100 ( Controller )
    > RC-2000 ( Single Display )
    > RC-2100 ( Dual Display, 1U )
    > RC-2200 ( Singlel Display, 2U )
    > TB-110 ( Relay Box )

Connecting and network of RC-2200

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